My name is Alina and you have found my online portfolio! I was recently a student studying Graphic Design, Web, and Illustration. I have just graduated, May of 2017, with an Associate of Applied Arts degree.

I love to use my creative talent and I am very interested in finding work with an agency. I enjoy designing catalogs and advertisement postings. I am skilled in a number of mediums, and have experience repairing and manipulating photographs using Adobe Photoshop.

I consistently develop a quality client-focused product, ensuring the project is the best it can be. I manage my time well, ensuring projects are on time.

As a designer, I always critique the design around me. I might come across a commercial on TV and think, "The kerning is a little off in that text... I could fix that!"

I am experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Word. Using these programs, I am capable of designing brand logos, brochures, websites, menus, catalogs, advertisement posters, and much more. I have also been trained to write HTML. I am capable of preparing PDF files of completed projects as well.

I love to travel
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Hire me!

My goal right now is to find a job. I just graduated with an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

I'm a hard worker!

I have been on the Dean's List continuously throughout the Graphic Design program. I am a proud member of Phi Theta Kappa as well.

I will take requests!

I am open to design requests! If you would like me to illustrate a product, edit previous work, repair photos, or redesign anything, contact me. I would love to help!

Now What?

Get a hold of me! I would love to hear from you about job offers or projects you are requesting!